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Welcome to Grace Bible Church


As you drive up you will notice the gravel driveway leads around to a drive through area. The entry is right there. Park anywhere you would like, and come on in. The entry hall branches off in two directions to the left is the nursery, library and rest rooms, and to the right is the sanctuary. The people will be glad to see you, get you some coffee and find you a place to sit around the table. (You don't have to drink coffee but it is there if you would like some.)


The people are more interested in people getting together with God and one another than they are structures and formality. So dress up or dress casual that is up to you.


The arrangement of the seating changes. Currently round tables and chairs are set up to allow for people to fellowship face to face in the Paraklesis times (refer to the section on Small Groups for more information). People during the message keep their Bibles on the tables as well as take notes.


When you come as a guest you will probably notice some familiar and some unfamiliar things in the set up and in the service. Hopefully, the atmosphere of Godward focus and authentic friendliness will keep the unfamiliar from being too much of a distraction.


Children are allowed in the service. If they are young and in need of stretching out there is a kid room with a window looking into the sanctuary and audio for the things going on in the service.


If you have questions or just want more information on GBC call the church at 918-825-5147.