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God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whoever would believe in Him would live, really live, forever. We enjoy God's love and get to live in the midst of it and our desire is that others would enjoy our wonderful God as well.

By various means God has brought us into this time in history and this place geographically to serve in His mission. GBC people serve in a number of ways locally and personally. They are on mission with our God.  They can be found at the Pryor Ministry Center helping feed and clothe the people of Mayes County or at a neighbor's house giving a hand.  They are there to point others to God and to assist them in learning how to walk with God in the context of this culture. 

GBC is in relationship with people who are serving God in other places. Some in the US and some in other parts of the world. People among different cultures and with various languages are being loved and presented the truths of God. What a privilege to be part of a global team.