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Love is central, powerful, and remarkable. We need it. Others need it. And God has it. He has imparted it to His people. He has sprinkled it among people around the world and it really seasons things just right.


Love God's way, however, is not the norm. It is the highly exalted and amazing love that brings a person to give and to desire the best for another and even to lay down their lives. God's relationship with us is to be unadulterated. No additional relationships. No other loves. We are to love God with the best of who we are from the depths of our being to our finger tips. That is where love starts. It is being so in love with Him we want to be with Him and listen to Him and to do what He says.

Love God's way is impossible for the natural human.  It is too much.  But with God's help, His power, His work in us we can love in a new way...His way.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit includes love.  As we stay close to God, live His way and allow the working of the Holy Spirit in and through us the fruit shows up. 


And when we have that kind of love we are molded into a new image. Then we can love others better. Love between those who have experienced and practice God's love shows up in this world like a blazing beacon and the people around can see that it is something special. They know it must be from God.


Love God and others. Important Matthew 22.